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The Pinellas Public Library Cooperative has a FREE on-line database for Chilton’s Auto Repair Manuals.  You can look up all kinds of interesting information on vehicles both foreign and domestic from current models back to 1940.  It’s basically the entire collection of Chilton’s manuals that you can access from your home computer.  In addition to being able to look at things like wiring diagrams for your ‘67 Mustang, there are “how to” videos, information about diagnostic codes, information about recalls, and technical service bulletins.  The only thing that is required to get all this information is a Library Card.  Library cards are free as long as you live in almost any city or unincorporated area in Pinellas County.  Once you have a Library Card

·log on to   ·on the top menu bar look for Premium Databases and click on it     ·on the Premium Databases screen look for Special Subjects     ·click on Chilton’s Auto Repair Library

Once you’ve gotten into this database you can search based on year and make and you’ll be amazed at the number of things you will find. 



contact/Tips- Clean Your ABS Brakes Sensor.htm

contact/Tips - Removing Spark Plugs.htm  

contact/Tips - Quick Hose Repair - Get bugs off the front of your car - Catch those metal shaving - info on a 70 Mach1 headlight switch. 

Pony bits and bytes….automotive news not
necessarily Mustang related Timely info if you are in the middle of or starting a classic Mustang Restoration:
Mustang Monthly’s on line site “Mustang360” currently has a great article on “28 restoration tips you have to see”. They range from beefing up floors and a-arms, to planning, building a resource library, to documentation on disassembly. See:
I can tell you first hand you can not overdocument or over photograph. What looks clear at disassembly is very cloudy two or so years later when you go to reassemble. The memory is not that good.