Car Show Ettiquette

Car Show Etiquette

Little People
Bring ‘em! Don’t leave them in the car with the window cracked open …. Just keep them close to you the entire time. Make sure they don’t touch anything or go places they shouldn’t. Remember: it’s your responsibility to make sure your children are behaving properly and demonstrating respect for other people and their belongings. Are kids bored? Give them a job! If able, have them be the official photographer.

Our ‘other’ children … very similar etiquette. Make sure your furry friend doesn’t lift a leg anywhere he shouldn’t. Imaging Fluffy peeing on those beautiful Cragar Wheels? What if Buddy jumped on a ’67 Mustang and damaged the paint? As hard as this is to believe … some people do not like animals. If it’s apparent they don’t (or if they say they don’t), respect their feelings and keep your quadruped away from them and their vehicle. Most important: leash, leash, leash. Did I mention leash? Keep your pup on a leash! (Always call the car show venue to learn if pets are allowed at the car show. Ask about service animals as well.)

Crazy Exploits
Car shows are a great place to meet people and talk about your car. People will ask you questions and are ready to answer questions as well. If someone appears rude to you in answering a question, there’s no need to be impolite. Remain respectful. Be patient. If the person continually is rude to people, maybe pull them aside and politely tell them. Some people are not intentionally trying to appear rude but come across that way. It’s all about perception. Rule of thumb: treat others the same way you’d want to be treated.

Sticky Fingers
Got sticky fingers? Leave them at home. Hopefully, you were taught not to steal, but just in case: there’s no reason to take anything out of anybody’s car, ever. Top down? No. Windows down? Still no. Are doors open? Again, no. Don’t ruin the trust the car owners have placed in you. If you see someone taking something out of a vehicle that you are positive does not belong to them, tell an event director immediately.

Eagle Eye
You’re walking around a pristine 1970 2-door AMC Gremlin, but you’re not a fan. Do not be critical about the cars at a car show. Don’t love a specific model? There’s no need to open your mouth and insert your foot in front of the car owner. Try to keep in mind how much time and effort is spent getting a car ready for a show. People put their blood, sweat, and tears into restoring and modifying a vehicle then have the courage to put it in a show for others to share their joy: not to hear negative, rude, and snarky comments.

Let’s Do Business
A lot of shows are sponsored by businesses, and the car shows may be in front of their business location. Visit the vendors! Check out their booths, see what they have to offer. Consider purchasing products, especially if there’s no admission fee. Always respect non-participating businesses as well.

Part of the Gang
Showing your car? Arrive on time. Respect other cars’ parking spaces, listen and follow all directions, try not to flip out if someone touches your car (If you do not want your car accidentally touched, place a stanchion around your car. “Do not touch” signs are recommended.) Remember, you did bring your car out in public. NO BURNOUTS!

Have a great time, make friends, see beautiful cars, and show your car. Don’t ruin the event for others.