Toyo Little Bus-Netflix Show for Kids

9 NetFlix Kid Friendly Car Programs

Get Your Kids Enthusiastic About Cars with TV

Original Article by Aaron Widmar, July 2018

Toyo Little Bus-Netflix Show for Kids

Tayo: The Little Bus
Tayo is a new bus on the Bus Transit System. Tayo learns about public transportation and road safety from his fellow bus-mates. There are four (4) seasons. NetFlix has one (1) season and Hulu has the rest.

Chugginton-Netflix Show for Kids

Koko, Wilson, and Brewster are railway trainees in the city of Chuggington. These young trains learn how to resolve problems through listening, non-violence, diligence, and speaking the truth.

Adventure of Chuck and Friends-Netflix Show for Kids

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends
Follow Chuck. He’s a dump truck who wants to be a race truck. He’s young and misbehaves. But throughout the episodes, he learns patience, truth, teamwork, and respecting others.

Robocar Poli-Netflix Show for Kids

Robocar Poli
Meet the “Avengers” of the cartoon car world: Poli (police car, main character), Robotruck Roy (firetruck), Robovan Amber (ambulance), Robocopter Helly (helicopter). Together, these cars rescue the town from the problems that arise.

DinoTrux-Netflix Show for Kids

DinoTrux is about the prehistoric world of hybrid dinosaur-construction vehicles called DinoTrux. The Reptools are their mechanical reptile friends. Together, they overcome the problems and schemes of troubled people.

Power Battle Watchar-Netflix Show for Kids

Power Battle Watch Car
This cartoon is about the world’s preeminent car maker who launches a line of miniature cars with artificial intelligence. They are 100% autonomous, only influenced by the owner’s watch. These cars are a huge hit with kids and they develop a “Hero’s Cup” tournament for the miniature cars. But, they get entangled in a villain’s plot.

Tranformers Rescue Bots-Netflix Show for Kids

Transformers: Rescue Bots
A different take on the transformers, this show focuses on saving human lives instead of battle. The four (4) main characters are based on emergency vehicles: Heatwave, Chase, Blades, and Boulder. They protect the people and learn lessons along the way.

Buddy Thunderstruck-Netflix Show for Kids

Buddy Thunderstruck
Buddy Thunderstruck: he’s a talented, but cocky, dog who’s the fastest semi-truck racer in town. He’s a bit of a local celebrity with many friends, and many enemies. All of them are animals! Each episode has two 10-minute stories with Rabble Rouser, his racing truck.

West Coast Customs-Netflix Show for Kids

West Coast Customs
Yes, it’s kid-friendly. This repair shop in California is a G-rated shop. They avoid the language and comments other docu-shows may include.