Janice and Charlie Blair

In Memoriam – Janice Lee Blair

Janice Lee Blair
She donated her hair to Locks of Love

With much grief, I announce the passing of my beloved mom on November 22, 2022

After she donated her long hair!

My mom worked hard, teaching me to ask others for help. I still find it difficult, but here I go.

Even if you can’t assist, please read.

I still need help taking care of my stepdad, Charlie. Once I’m in my new job for a while (it’s been one week! Yay!), I’ll be caught up enough to set up a monthly auto-pay for him and won’t have to ask. My goal is small for the GoFundMe I’ve created.

Until then .. please consider assisting.

Don’t want to use GoFundMe? Email me, and I’ll give you Charlie’s complete information to write a check and send directly (he’s technology challenged). He sincerely appreciates sympathy gifts but needs money to survive.

$1 – $5 – it doesn’t matter. Charlie will never ask for help: it’s how he’s wired. I know he needs help because I annoy him until he opens up.

Janice Lee
Mom in high school

My mom wasn’t perfect by any means. Just because she’s gone doesn’t convert her into the ideal human when on earth. I love her through everything. She instilled in me values I cherish.

  • Regarding the world and all the people in it: we are ALL equal
  • Always help, show kindness, and respect people regardless of who the person is or how they choose to live their life. It’s not our place to judge anyone. It’s our place to help.
  • Always be honest with everyone, always with good intentions.
  • Always speak your mind respectfully to assist anyone in need.
  • Nothing in this world can ever hold me – or anyone – back from dreams.
  • Forgiveness is essential in life; always attempt to offer it, no matter the offense.
  • And so much more.

The last 8-10 years of our relationship were what I’ve always dreamed it could be. We made promises to each other during that time, including:

  • Race to see who could grow their hair faster (like she used to wear it) until it’s ready to cut off for Locks of Love.
  • Always be 200% honest with each other, even if it’s hard.
  • Always support each other even when we disagree
  • Dwell only on the positive in every problematic situation (even if it’s hard to find, one is there).
All five sisters
All five sisters when younger (from left to right): Linda, Gail, Janice (my mom), Donna, Kim
all five sisters older
All five sisters when older (from left to right): Donna, Janice (my mom), Gail, Kim, Linda (seated)

The most important promise I made to my mom is:

  • Should something happen to her, take care of Charlie for the rest of his life. Keep him safe, healthy, and as worry-free as possible, whatever it takes.

There’s never a good time to lose a loved one. Mom left during a tough time in my life.

People may wonder how I took a trip to NYC. I paid for that over seven months ago. Mom was supposed to be with me. I was going to surprise her on her 70th birthday (Jan 5) after my best friend couldn’t make it, but Mom was already gone.

Eventually, Charlie will live with me even if I have to kidnap him. He needs time to grieve and figure out his new life alone.

Whatever you believe, whatever method you pray, kindly do so for my mom and Charlie.

I wish I had more pictures of my mom to share. I lost them in a flood while living in Madeira Beach.

Thank you if you’ve read this far. 🌻

Janice Lee Blair final resting place.
My mom’s final resting place