Barrett Jackson Palm Beach Auction Brings in Millions

Barret-Jackson Palm Beach Auction 2022 Record Sales

$60.7 Million in Sales Newsletter Article-April 2022 There was pent-up demand after 3 years without an auction. In addition, $3.8 million was raised for charity.Florida Governor Ron DeSantis participated in fundraising garnering $.76 Million for Ukrainian Relief Efforts.Three Ford vehicles were in the Top Charitable Fund Raisers. a 2020 FordRead More

Toyo Little Bus-Netflix Show for Kids

9 NetFlix Kid Friendly Car Programs

Enjoy these kid friendly NetFlix shows. Help get your children enthusiastic about something you are passionate about. Read More

2022 Ford Maverick

2022 Ford Maverick Review

With a price tag of $21,490 for a Maverick Hybrid XL, the Maverick offers everyone to be a part of the Ford truck family. Read More

Ford Jolts Industry

Ford Jolts Industry

Ford Motor Company (FMC) shocked the industry in September 2021 when they announced an $11.4 Billion investment for new production sites. Read More

Ford Oval

Ford Doubles Street’s Earnings Expectations

Ford is making vehicles but floundering share prices have sunk many a CEO. On October 29, in a call with stock analysts...Read More

November Newsletter 2021 First Mustang Sold

First Mustang Ever Sold Now on Display at Mustang Museum

If you haven’t already visited the Mustang Owner’s Museum, now is the time! The first Mustang EVER sold is now on display. Read More

Concours d'Eleganza

Worldwide Car Shows

Car shows to put on your calendar! Check out a short list of wordwide car shows we've compiled to help you plan your Mustang travels. Read More

Car Show Ettiquette

Car Show Etiquette

It’s two years since the original Kiernan family 390 Bullitt Mustang sold at Mecum Kissimmee Auction. At the time ...Read More

Mach-E Forum

Introducing the Mach-E Forum

With over 8,000 members and almost 300,000 message posts, is the place to be to discuss the Mach-E!Read More

Mustang Mach-E

2021 Mach-E Review

Ford’s first fully-fledged electric car. And that makes it Very Important Indeed. You won’t find a Ford badge on it anywhere ...Read More


Ford Mustang: The First Generation Podcast

I stumbled on this weekly podcast series and thought it would be of interest to our group. It’s focused on early Mustangs (1965 -1973) ...Read More

Mysterious ‘68 Bullitt Bidder

Mysterious ‘68 Bullitt Bidder

It’s two years since the original Kiernan family 390 Bullitt Mustang sold at Mecum Kissimmee Auction. At the time ...Read More