Ford Mustang: The First Generation Podcast

I stumbled on this weekly podcast series and thought it would be of interest to our group. Obviously, it’s focused on early Mustangs (1964.5 -1973) and is hosted by a guy named Doug Sandler. Doug clearly has a deep love for these early Mustangs and so far has produced 92 episodes that run anywhere from 30-45 minutes. He interviews collectors, industry professionals such as designers, journalists, and mechanics, along with other experts to tell their stories and discuss our favorite cars.

With nearly a hundred episodes to choose from, I do wish there was a search feature on the site but here are a few highlights to give you an idea of the scope and topics covered:

Episode 48: National Director of the MCA – Robin Paulsell
Episode 45: 3D Printing your Classic Mustang Parts
Episode 36: Roush Key Player – Jack Roush Jr Interview
Episode 28: Lee Iacocca Award Winner Writer and Mustang Expert Paul Newitt
Episode 15: Bill from CJ Pony Parts
Episode 13: Most common Mustang Questions Answered – Chris “The Doc” Ingrassia
Episode 12: Revology Founder Tom Scarpello

As you can see, I could go on forever – so if you weren’t aware of this podcast, I hope you appreciate
this heads-up – Enjoy!