Get Your Kids Crazy About Cars

Children are obsessed with one thing or another when they are young: Lego, Barbie Dolls, dinosaurs. If they show an interest in cars, nurture that natural love.

Encourage your child’s appreciation and love of cars through activities you can do together. Try a few off the following list!

TV Shows
There are tons of kid friendly car shows between the TV and streaming platforms. (Netflix has a lot!) These shows will encourage their love and educate them.

Car Shows (SMC Newsletter, Nov ‘21 – Etiquette)
Try an official automotive show where a company shows off their newest model. The kids will be able to touch, climb in, and explore the vehicle in a safe environment. Once the kids understand the value of older cars, take them to a traditional car show.

Today’s activities are behind a game console, computer screen, tablet, and cell phone. A love of cars can open children’s minds to other creative activities. Build model cars together. Join a soap box derby club. Purchase a slot car track. Children learn much when they have these types of hobbies.

Even if the children are underage, let them drive! Did I get your attention? Good. Of course, do not let your children drive if they are under the legal age limit. However, do purchase a plastic, pint-sized car that they can use in the driveway. They even sell a Mustang! If they are too big for those, they should be of age and size to ride a go-kart. There’s always a way to get them behind the wheel: so find it.

Take them to a race to see cars in action. It’s much better than watching on a screen. A local dirt track, local asphalt track, or Monster Jam competition. When they are part of the crowd, they will be a part of a family of auto lovers.

There are many other ways to nurture your child’s love of cars. Know of some we missed? Let us know:

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