Ford Jolts Industry

Ford Jolts Industry

Huge Investment in Kentucky & Tennessee

by Dave Wilson

Newsletter Article-November 2021

Ford Motor Company (FMC) shocked the industry in September when they announced an $11.4 Billion investment for new production sites. FMC plans to build electric pickup trucks and cars at the new facilities which will be located in Kentucky and Tennessee. This endeavor will create 11,000 jobs.

These states have struggled since the collapse of the coal industry. 6,000 Jobs will be at the F150 electric truck plant at the Blue Oval City campus in Stanton, Tennessee, and 5,000 jobs will be at the Blue Oval SK battery plant in Glendale, Kentucky.

The new assembly plants will be carbon neutral with zero waste to landfill once fully operational. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshar said this is the single largest investment in the history of their state.

Ford Motor Company Executive Chairman Bill Ford said: “If my great grandfather saw our industry five years ago it would be very recognizable to him, it hadn’t changed a lot. There were a lot of evolutions but no revolutions. Now we are on the cusp of a revolution. It’s not just electrification, although that is a huge piece of it.”