Star Sponsorship


Star Sponsors of the Suncoast Mustang Club (SMC) gain excellent exposure and recognition. The SMC was created in 1980 and is still going strong in 2023! The club has made connections, contacts, and friends in all areas of the automobile industry.



You receive:

  • Logo/link on SMC website home page
  • Logo/link on SMC website sponsor page
  • Referrals from members when asked for recommendations
  • Mention of products/services at all SMC member meetings
  • Ad in the SMC monthly newsletter for 1 year (with 4 changes)
  • Proud sponsor logo/link at the bottom of the SMC email communications
  • SMC sponsor image package for your email, website, and print material
  • First opportunity to sponsor different events throughout the year
  • Suncoast Mustang Club Annual Mustang•Shelby•Ford Show sponsorship
    • Special mention from the DJ during the show
    • 10’x10’ vendor space at the show location
    • Logo and link on annual show page of SMC website
    • Logo on all printed material